The new e-commerce website is now live. The redeveloped web platform introduces e-commerce for the first time in the label's history, shifting the label’s focus from wholesale to direct to consumer. offers users two simple propositions: to "Look" and to "Shop". The former option showcases an ever-evolving body of behind the scenes footage, inspiration, editorial features, and an online look book for the label's collections, spanning from the designer’s senior thesis collection, through to the most recent SS15 collection. Perhaps one of the most unique aspects of the site is the unprecedented access to view the craftsmanship of each garment.

“I wanted customers to inspect the quality of the product they were interested in buying, and be able to view the fabric up close, so they could rest assured they were investing in a high quality piece that was made with a lot of care and technique.”

"Shop" meanwhile features 6 handpicked key pieces from the Spring/Summer 2015 Ready to Wear collection, with more products being added periodically in the following months. Products offered on the site are presented in a clean and minimal approach.  It is here that the simplicity and streamlined functionality of the site design becomes fully apparent. Once the viewer moves past the minimal presentation, each product is accompanied by an in depth product description, design details, size and fit information, and care instructions, in order to make the online shopping experience as informed as possible. If customers still have any questions, all they need to do is just click on contact, which automatically directs them to an online form they can fill out and submit. Customer service inquires are answered by trained staff standing by to answer inquiries M-F 9:00-5:00pm CT. Products offered on the site are exclusive to and come in limited availability runs.

These exclusive edits are accompanied by the highest standard of customer service, extending the sense of an in-store luxury experience to the contemporary, digital environment. Each purchase will arrive in a beautiful, branded packaging, in line with the labels’ signature colors and minimal aesthetic.

The new now sits at the centre of the label’s digital community, which currently comprises: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Google+.

About Elena Bobysheva

e l e n a b o b y s h e v a  is building a long-term sustainable and cruelty-free modern ready-to-wear company by infrastructuring an in-house cut-to-order business to maintain quality and proper dressmaking techniques. Launched in 2013, we are committed to delivering beautiful, quality garments that are made with integrity, care, and in compliance with our ethical values. We are committed to creating an honest and responsible business that not only considers the future of design, but also the future of the planet and all its’ species. 

If you would like to learn more about e le n a b o b y s h e v a sustainability practices, please visit                                                               

In 2013, Elena Bobysheva was awarded the Council of Fashion Designers of America “Approved” Certificate by Dianne von Furstenberg. Council of Fashion Designers of America "Approved" Certificate recognizes the best emerging fashion design talent in the country and provides a platform where the fashion industry can view the top tier of American design talent. That same year, Elena Bobysheva also was one of the winners of the Driehaus Awards for Fashion Excellence.

In 2012, Elena won the Chicago Fashion Foundation Design Award and in 2011, the Fashion Group International Merchandising Award for her label’s business plan.  


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